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No Credit Bureau is requested because this institution does not exist abroad. You can find out more about this here. Take the step abroad – and finance your investments cheaply. A loan available abroad appears at Credit Bureau? The terms of a foreign loan are often better than in Germany. Determine how you can use your Sparkassen card (debit card) outside Europe.

Using the card abroad

Using the card abroad

With the option Use of cards abroad you can order the restriction / activation of your credit cards for disposal outside Europe. Note: The restriction / activation is only possible for Sparkasse cards (debit cards). Show inventory overview: On the inventory overview you will find all authorized ID cards for which either a restriction / release already exists or for which new restrictions / releases can be created.

Create country activation: With the temporary exemption (e.g. for a holiday trip) the exemption can be controlled individually for each individual credit card. You can define a time period for each map and each country in which the respective map is activated. If there is no country activation for a savings card (debit card), only the function symbol “Create country activation” is shown in the inventory overview.

Click on it to go to the input screen for creating a new country activation. In this case, a new country activation is created. Select a specific state from the selection list and enter the period in which the savings card (debit card) should be activated.

Investment grants – grants at home and abroad

Investment grants - grants at home and abroad

So that you can filter out the funding opportunities for your measure from the multitude of country-wide funding opportunities, we present them to you in accordance with the characteristics of EU competition law. These are: project location. The funding available for your project depends very much on the size of the company and the location of the project. Decision support for these features is available in relation to the company status according to the SME definition under EU competition law (small and medium-sized enterprises / SMEs or large companies / GU) and in relation to the location of the project in the ranking of the regional development areas.

Subsidy-specific labels are explained in our vocabulary on EU competition law.

Foreign payments: Lite Lender

Foreign payments: Kantonale Bank Uri

Do you need to transfer an amount of money abroad? Send us a written application with the payment slip or a copy of the invoice that you received from the service recipient. We process your order date quickly and reliably on the desired date. We would like to point out that international payments can take 3 to 5 working days to find the payee.

You can track your commercial banking business on arm’s length terms. Secure your resources with additional financing options.

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