How to get Social Institute Loans for Teachers

A loan is undoubtedly a very useful resource especially in times of crisis but it also represents a commitment that must be honored. For this reason, it is essential to find the product capable of fully satisfying criteria of convenience and appropriateness to requests. Social Institute loans for teachers are funding on the rise, thanks to rates that few other products can offer. Here’s how the Social Institute offer updated to 2017 is made up. See

Who are the beneficiaries of Social Institute teacher funding

Who are the beneficiaries of Social Institute teacher funding

Social Institute loans are part of a particular category of credit lines, in fact they are products characterized by reduced rates and flexibility in terms of use purposes. Within this offer we have selected Social Institute teacher loans, here’s how they work and what they offer.

Social Institute loans for teachers refer to former Good Lender members. In our in-depth analysis, we will focus on one particular product: the Small Master’s Management loan.

Interest rates 2017

Interest rates 2017

This is a credit line that allows you to obtain liquidity in relation to the payee’s salary, in any case it is not possible to exceed two months. The refund process takes place within 24 months.

However, costs must be considered in relation to each loan. Which ones are they? A portion corresponding to 1% (calculated in relation to the gross sum of the loan) is available to cover the administrative and guarantee fund charges.

What is the interest rate of the Small Magistral Loan Management? We note an interest rate of 1.50%. It is not allowed to add other small guests to this credit line.

The purposes allowed by the regulation

Who are the beneficiaries of the Magistral Small Loan Management ? Those enrolled in service may request and no less than two years after retirement. Unlike other credit lines, this funding can only be obtained for special needs.

The set of purposes allowed by the Social Institute regulation is very complex:

  • birth or adoption of children;
  • own or children’s marriage;
  • family death;
  • serious illnesses own or family members;
  • purchase of the dwelling house;
  • extraordinary maintenance of the dwelling house;
  • mortgage in progress for the purchase of the only home;
  • dental care of one’s own or dependent family members;
  • transfer of residence;
  • car purchase;
  • attendance at one’s own or children’s university;
  • extraordinary events that led to a particular state of need for the applicant.

How to apply for the Small Good Lender loan

How to apply for the Small Good Lender loan

How to get the small loan? We come therefore to a central aspect, the application procedures. Those interested in this loan must submit the request via the Web, using the features of the Social Institute website .

Our advice is to take care of the application submission process with great attention. If in fact there are no useful elements from the documentation point of view, the request will not be considered.

The procedures to follow

The procedures to follow

To forward the application for Social Institute loans for Teachers, the former Good Lender user must have converted the online Pin into that device. Useful element for logging in to the reserved area of ​​the site.

Once logged in, the user must navigate on the portal by identifying the “By Thematic Area” section and then the link to the “Credit” page and then select the reference ” Small Loan Enrolled ex-Good Lender “.

Once the site has been accessed with credentials, the employee can also perform various operations, from the simulation of the financing to the compilation of the application up to the consultation of the requests forwarded. We also note the possibility of verifying the information useful for completing the application.

It is advisable to carefully evaluate the sustainability of the loan, perhaps using the “simulation” function made available by the Social Institute website. However, a manual on the application procedures is available on the official portal of the social security institution.

The user is asked to specify the motivation that drives the demand for Social Institute teacher loans.

Finally, we remind you that Social Institute loans also provide other categories of workers and pensioners with an opportunity to access credit. For further details, please refer to our section dedicated to the Small Government Agency loan.